3D Tiny winter Cottage

Create this tiny winter cottage that is designed to fit on top of a wide mouth mason jar and can be covered with half of a plastic hanging ornament. It can also sit on top of a cardstock or chipboard base and be illuminated by a battery operated tealight.

Digital die cut template (design ID 280102) is available in the Silhouette Design Store HERE.


Step 1

Gather all the required elements: cardstock, glue, a wide-mouth mason jar, one half of a plastic ornament, fake snow glitter, and a battery-operated tealight. Begin by cutting the house template pieces from cardstock. Cutting the base piece from chipboard is a good option for added stability, if desired. Cut the window pieces from vellum. Cut the snowy accent pieces from shimmery paper for added snowy effects. Cut the trees and wreath from glittery green paper adds a great wintery effect.


Please note:

The type of mason ball jar that will work with this project is a “wide mouth” with the open ring style lid. You do not need the jar cap that fits inside of the ring. The circle template piece with the hole is designed to fit inside that ring in place of the metal jar cap. The battery operated tea light will fit inside the hole in the circle piece with the hole instead of the jar cap.



Pre-fold the perforated edges of the cottage. Glue vellum window pieces to the inside of the house. A fine tip glue pen works great to add a little bit of glue inside the window frame sections. Be sure that the door section is not glued! Allow glue to dry before moving on to the next step.



Fold tabs on the shutters and glue. Adhere the shutters to the sides of the windows on each side of the cottage as shown. Attach wreath and bow to the front door. Allow the glue to dry.




Add glue to the side tab and adhere to the inside of the other edge to form the cottage shape as shown.



Glue base to inside of mason jar lid (there is no metal cap placed inside of the ring, instead place this circle with hole piece inside the metal ring.) Add additional layers for added stability if desired. Allow glue to dry.



Prefold the icicle sections and glue tab to the bottom side of the roof edges as shown. Fold the chimney and glue tab to the middle of the roof on one side. Adhere snow accents to roof as shown. Fold roof in center to create peak. Allow glue to dry before moving on to the next step.



Wrap icicle border around the edge of the jar lid and adhere. Pinch and pleat to fit as needed. Adhere the scallop edge base to the top of the lid as shown.



Add a shimmery white base piece to the top of the lid as shown. Attach the battery operated tea light to the inside of the lid (see next photo below) with fake flame inserted into the hole as shown.


Glue (or double-stick tape) the top part of the battery operated tea light so it adheres to the underneath side of the lid as shown. This will be inside of the jar and the lid can be removed to turn the light on and off.



Glue bottom tabs on cottage and attach to the lid over the candle flame. Glue the top tabs on the top section of the cottage.



Attach the roof to the cottage, press firmly to adhere and allow the glue to dry.



Fold bottom tabs on trees, fence pieces and snowman. Glue tab and attach to base where desired. Be sure to attach the hat to the snowman before attaching to the base! Make sure to leave space around the edge of the base to add the clear ornament topper. Add foam dots or squares to the bottom of the snow accents (for added dimension) and adhere to the base where desired.



Glue tag layers together if desired. Place lid onto the jar (filled with treats of course!) Wrap baker’s twine around the jar and tie on the tag. At this point, it can be complete!



The tiny winter cottage luminary is complete! It can also be assembled without the jar, simply use the piece with the zig zag border to create a side base to fit underneath and around the icicle trim…. photo coming soon that will show how to do that.

Enjoy and happy holiday crafting!

:) Amanda


To create the snowglobe effect, add a little bit of faux snow in the plastic ornament. Add glue around the edge of the ornament. Place the lid upside down onto the glued edge (so the snow doesn’t fall out.) Allow the glue to adhere before turning right side up.