Amanda McGee

Hello! I'm Amanda McGee.

I have been creating art since childhood and have been a professional artist and designer since graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Applied Design & Visual Communication. I started my art and design career working in-house at corporate retail businesses and then continued to develop into freelance and self employment. Currently I enjoy creating in my home studio in Ohio, where I live with my husband, our two teenagers and one big smelly (but cute) dog.

I design and create art for various products, including surface patterns and placement illustrations and lettering, as well as creating digital art products and designs. My artwork can be seen on greeting cards, gift bags, textiles, home decor and more. 

I love to be creative! I enjoy the process of making art and developing creative projects. Bright cheerful colors, whimsically illustrated patterns, fun expressive lettering, vintage and retro style designs, and cute things inspire me. When I create, I enjoy bringing beauty and delight into this world! Most of the art I create eventually ends up in a digital format, however I love to use traditional mediums especially to paint florals, vintage and retro objects, creating expressive textures. By sharing my art, I hope it will bring a smile to someone's face, spread joy and happiness to the world. I hope you’ll come along with me on my happy creative journey!

If you’re interested in collaborating, licensing my designs, have any another questions or requests you can contact me at amanda {at}

Have a happy day!