Crayon Brushes and Stamps for Procreate

Crayon Brushes and Stamps for Procreate


24 textured crayon brushes and stamps for use in the Procreate app.

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This crayon brush and stamp set is designed for use within the Procreate app with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. It will NOT work in other software programs.

Create classic crayon effects by drawing with these brushes and stamping shapes and fills in your Procreate artwork. 

Includes a ZIP FILE with the following contents:

PDF instructions and guidesheet

12 Crayon Brushes:

  • Course Paper (mimics course textured paper and builds up darker color with increased pressure and layers)
  • Rough Fill (creates rough fill texture)
  • Light Layer (fills in areas of light texture that builds up and darkens as it is layered)
  • Soft Fill (fills in areas of soft blurry texture)
  • Oil Blend (mimics oil pastel crayon that will become more opaque with pressure or darken with layers)
  • Oil Texture (mimics oil pastel crayon on textured paper and smears when blended, darkens with more pressure/layers)
  • Grease Pencil (creates thick textured lines that darken with more pressure)
  • Waxy Pencil (creates soft textured lines that become more opaque with more pressure)
  • Thin Rough (creates lines of rough texture, softer with less pressure)
  • Thick Round (creates lines with slight texture, softens and tapers with less pressure)
  • Rough Edge (creates hard one-sided edge with softer texture to the side, lightens and tapers with less pressure)
  • Classic Crayon (mimics a classic drawing crayon, rough texture that fills in when layered, size increases with pressure)

12 Crayon Stamps:

  • Fill (Randomly stamps thick texture fill as stamp is tapped onto the iPad screen)
  • Scratch (Randomly stamps scratchy texture as stamp is tapped)
  • Circle (Stamps a circle of soft texture as stamp is tapped)
  • Swirl (Stamps a swirl as stamp is tapped)
  • Heart (Stamps a heart as stamp is tapped)
  • Star (Stamps a star as stamp is tapped)
  • Moon (Stamps a moon as stamp is tapped)
  • Shade (Stamps a soft linear texture as stamp is tapped)
  • Scribble (Randomly stamps scibbles as stamp is tapped)
  • Scraggly (Randomly stamps scraggly lines as stamp is tapped)
  • Scrawl (Stamps a scrawled line texture as stamp is tapped)
  • Doodle (Stamps a loopy doodle as stamp is tapped)


Instructions for installing this brush set into the Procreate app:

Download and save the zip file to your computer.
Unzip the file and save to Dropbox or iCloud.
In Procreate, select the brush icon, the Imported folder, select the plus sign, and then Import.
Browse for the location where the brush set was saved.
Select brush to import.

To batch import the brush set:

Select the files app and dock to the side of Procreate.
Select the brushes to import, press to stack.
Drag to Procreate and the desired brush folder to install.

Please Note:

After purchasing this brush set, you will receive a digital download link with a zip file. No physical product will be sent.

This brush set has been designed for use in the PROCREATE APP only! It will not work in other software programs. 

You may use this brush set for personal and commercial use. DO NOT redistribute or resell this brush set in any form.

I look forward to seeing what you create! Tag your work with #amprocreatebrushes

Enjoy your brush set and happy creating!